4 hours later. At around 9PM my stomach started hurting, badly, and I felt somewhat lightheaded. I lay down for a minute…and woke up now. I am still tired. I also took a 3 hour nap during the day. I spoke to my  almost 93 year old Grandfather today (he turns 93 a week before my surgery). He informed me it was okay if I need to sleep 14+ hours a day at some point before the surgery. I told him I am already there. We then went on to have a lengthy conversation about being too proud not to drive a car when feeling ill. My Grandfather refuses to call an ambulance, under what seems like any circumstance, because God Forbid, he might end up in the emergency room. He of course, felt dizzy the other day and drove himself to the doctor. I had to explain that I don’t drive even when I feel sick to my stomach and/or lightheaded; a common occurrence these days. I don’t want to be off my game and I am 32 and a great driver (I drive a race car by the way – a story for another day).

At 32, I have to teach my 93 year old Grandfather about humility. I guess Kidney Disease is a humbling experience.

One Response to “3-24-12”

    David – I like your support staff!

    You have had remarkable challenges – and you continue to face them down. The challenge of teaching your Grandfather humility, though, might be beyond even YOUR remarkable talents!!! He (like my Mom) did not get to the age of 93 just on good looks.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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