Slept most of today, but didn’t feel ill, just really fatigued, for the most part.   Overall, today was one of my better days of late.   I am noticing that the more I sleep and the less I fight the fatigue, the better my symptoms are. I really feel for people that are in … Continue reading


Posting on 3-30-12 here because I fell asleep early last night and just got up – 10:30AM today.   I felt pretty crappy most of the 29th and spent a lot of time in bed.   One interesting thing was I called my boss’s assistant and asked if he was in today to chat, nothing … Continue reading


I met with the psychiatrist at Yale today. We spoke about the potential for my mood to be altered by the post transplant medications. The steroids, which they usually use in high doses for a short period – days to weeks, in particular can make people agitated, have trouble concentrating, etc. She also mentioned that … Continue reading


Today was a mixed bag. I slept most of the morning and for the first time ever, didn’t go to work because I didn’t think I could. In the past, I have had bad days and stayed home (I work from home often – it’s a 2 hour each way commute to my office in … Continue reading


The stomach pain/discomfort, accompanied by the pain/lightheadedness got real bad this afternoon. I had been feeling okay when I got up this morning, then, took a 3 hour nap. By mid-afternoon things were going downhill fast. I had hoped to get some things done tomorrow, but will likely stay home and try to rest. The … Continue reading


Another day of sleeping and having stomach pain. The best way to describe the stomach discomfort/pain is to equate it to sea sickness. It feels like my stomach is tied in a knot and is often accompanied by lightheadedness and/or dizziness when it gets really bad. My wife (Maria) got me ginger tablets and I … Continue reading


3-24-12 4 hours later. At around 9PM my stomach started hurting, badly, and I felt somewhat lightheaded. I lay down for a minute…and woke up now. I am still tired. I also took a 3 hour nap during the day. I spoke to my  almost 93 year old Grandfather today (he turns 93 a week … Continue reading

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My name is David, and I have focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS for short. It is a degenerative kidney disease I have been fighting since I was 23 – 9 years now. The doctor’s call the cause, “idiopathic,” meaning they have no idea what caused it in my case. Their best guess is a medication … Continue reading