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Katie (literally) Saved My Life

I’ll try to be brief. I got the flu at the beginning of February (the flu symptoms lasted about a week). I am immune suppressed so I do not reject my new kidney, and get sick often and easily. Over a four week period I had a fever on and off (more on) and a … Continue reading

It’s been a while – Lots to update – Rough Summer – New Life

Wow, it’s been a long time. There hadn’t been much to write, or that I was comfortable writing, at the time.   First of all, the so-so news.   It was a rough summer. My creatinine elevated and Prograf level dropped unexpectedly. They were concerned about rejection and raised my Prograf from 3mg 2X daily … Continue reading

In the Hospital Again….but only for a day

I spent Sunday evening until the wee hours of the morning of Monday in the ER.   I did a little too much the previous few days and probably didn’t get enough rest. Then I went to car show Sunday morning in blazing heat and humidity. I drank a ton of fluids, but it wasn’t … Continue reading

Still Stable/Losing Weight

My creatinine is stable at 1.9 and I am still symptomatic, but managing it well.   In the meantime, I am down 35 pounds, from 223 to 188 over the past 7 months. The weight loss has slowed recently, and I need to reapply myself and pick up the exercise. I had achilles tendinitis for … Continue reading

3 Years Since Transplant!

Today marks the third anniversary of my kidney transplant. I am stable and doing well. I still have bad days, but that comes with being stable at around 40% kidney function.   I am also losing weight. I am down to 203 pounds from 222 after transplant, and 185 at transplant. I am doing weight … Continue reading

Why can’t I be the only one?

First, some bookkeeping. My creatinine has returned to 1.9. That gives me some wiggle room and means the last reading (2.3) was either temporary, or lab error. It has been 2 1/2 years since transplant and I have been stable for most of the last two years. Having a reduced immune system can be problematic. … Continue reading

Friend In Need of Kidney

First off, everything is still stable with me. Otherwise, nothing much to report there. Things are status quo.   Secondly, and much more importantly, I have a friend from my temple, who is at 16% kidney function and is looking for a live donor. His brother in law was going to donate, but they just … Continue reading

5-3-14/Two Years and Counting!

Well, it’s been a while. Not much to write.   Still battling weight issues (I hate prednisone) and feeling good, and bad sometimes as well. Overall, pretty good.   I have been stable for over a year now and I hit two years from transplant April 12th. I have come to terms with how I … Continue reading

8-11-13/Stable, but still tired/Organ Donation/Medications

A few things in today’s post.   First, I am stable at a Creatinine of 2.1. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I am still stable at a Creatinine of 2.1, which equals an eGFR of 39. ¬†For those outside of the know, that means my one good kidney is operating at … Continue reading

7-8-13/Living with a reduced immune system

I am not scheduled to go to Yale for another 4 weeks, but I thought I would update on some things.   Living with a reduced immune system has its cons.   First, I have been getting head colds frequently this spring. It seems like every 3-4 weeks, I am coming down with something. Nothing … Continue reading